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About Us

Several years ago, like many parents and grandparents today, we were in search for the ideal or close to the ideal childcare program for our child.  As a family with the educational background ourselves, we searched for a program with a thoughtful, focused and multi-faceted curriculum, and with an extensive variety of quality books and educational materials.  Being a health-conscious family, we looked for a program with a healthy approach to children’s meals, clean and fresh surroundings, and thoughtful routine.  As simply loving parents and grandparents, we imagined a bright and inviting atmosphere, friendly enthusiastic faces, and loving caring eyes.  At the time we could not find all of those combined in a single program. That is when we created our Baby Academy.

What we believe distinguishes Baby Academy from other programs is devoting special attention to each and every aspect of childcare and adhering to the highest standards in each and every aspect of childcare.  The quality of care that we demand from our staff and from ourselves often exceeds the expectations of many prospective parents’.

Every aspect of care is important and is top priority:

  • Hygiene, cleanliness of space and materials, indoor air quality
  • Nutrition quality and safety of food preparation process   LEARN MORE
  • Education, intellectual development   LEARN MORE
  • Size, design, visual appeal, and safety of indoor and outdoor space
  • Choices, quality and quantity of toys, literature and educational materials
  • Finding talented, attentive, loving and caring staff
  • Maintaining small groups with high ratio of caregivers to children
  • Giving parents opportunity to know in details about each day of their child in our program

Baby Academy is a Russian language child care program, helping children from Russian-speaking backgrounds preserve their language, heritage and culture.

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