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Art and Craft Activities

During these activities we focus on:

  • Fostering creativity and giving children the opportunity to creatively express themselves
  • Cultivating children’s imaginative abilities
  • Sharpening fine motor skills
  • Enhancing language development and learning new concepts through theme-based art projects
  • Giving opportunity to experience a wide range of colors, mediums, materials, tools, textures, surfaces, and techniques
    • Painting and drawing, utilizing various types of drawing tools, paints and brushes
    • Painting with Liquid Watercolor and droppers
    • Creating with color sand, moon sand, modeling clay, hardening clay, foam dough, play-dough, etc.
    • Textured pasting, collages
    • Creative projects utilizing household materials

Please visit our Photo Gallery to view some examples of our Art and Craft activities.

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