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Baby Academy early learning program is aimed at developing flexibility of children’s minds and utilizing their intellectual potential to the fullest.

Our role is to provide each child with the widest possible range of learning experiences – visual, verbal, tactile, social, cultural, concrete, abstract, formal, or informal.   All experiences are grouped into thoughtful categories and offered to children as a blend of activities aimed at developing or perfecting a particular type of skill or attaining a particular area of knowledge.

We are committed to providing a balanced educational environment to our children, in which they can advance their cognitive, social and language skills and engage in age-appropriate yet challenging activities.

Educational activities are held in small groups and are age-specific.

The daily routine is designed to include at least 3 educational blocks each day:

  • Mathematical Thinking and Logical Reasoning skills  LEARN MORE Cam
  • Russian Language Arts, Social Studies, Nature and Science  LEARN MORE Cam
  • Art and Craft Activities  LEARN MORE Cam

Additional classes are held several times a week:

Substitute activities:

  • Chess (for groups of 4-5 y.o.) Cam

Playtime Activities LEARN MORE Cam

The length of each educational block varies for different age groups:

  • 8-15 minutes for 2-3 year old group
  • 20 minutes for 3-4 year old group
  • 20-30 minutes for 4-5 year old group

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