Baby Academy Sample Daily Routine*


8:00-9:00 Children’s Arrival/Free Play
9:00-9:20 Circle Time/Greetings/Morning Exercise
9:20-9:35 Breakfast
9:35-10:00 Mathematics and Logical Reasoning
10:00-10:25 Free Play/Guided Play
10:25-10:35 Snack
10:40-11:35 Outdoor Play
11:40-12:05 Language Arts
12:15-12:45 Lunch
1:00-3:15 Nap time / Rest time
3:30–4:15 Free Play/Guided Play in English
4:15-4:30 Afternoon Meal
4:30-5:10 Art and Crafts/Music or English Lesson
5:20–6:00 **Outdoor Free Play/Guided Play in English


*This is a sample daily routine for the group of 4-5 year old children. Daily routine is very similar for other groups, however it is tailored to each age group in terms of the length of educational blocks and free playtime as well as the timing of meals and naptime, in order to reflect physical and emotional needs of children of each age category. The children, who are in our 3-4 year old and 4-5 year old groups, have English lessons and/or English language interactions during their afternoon free play activities, while for our youngest group (2-3 y.o.) the afternoon play activities are in Russian.
** Weather permitting. During winter months this playtime block takes place indoors.

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