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Demonstrative Materials and Professional Literature

In taking children on a learning journey, we like to surround them with interesting, engaging, varied and abundant demonstrative materials and learning tools.  We constantly update and expand our inventory of learning tools to include the most interesting and engaging resources. We chose our learning materials to be beautiful, well made, esthetically appealing and intellectually stimulating. The beautiful Montessori learning tools are among our favorites.

We have a similar approach to our professional literature, constantly expanding our inventory, incorporating varieties of learning methods and ideas.  In addition to our proprietary approach, we adopt many learning formats and approaches from established and well-known early education methods as well as from interesting ideas we find in professional literature or through our research.  These allow us to constantly add new layers to our curriculum.  In implementing the curriculum, we try to seek out the most effective and engaging learning methods, tools and approaches for each learning objective we strive to achieve.


Please visit our Photo Gallery to view examples of our learning activities in different age groups.

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