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Mathematical Thinking and Logical Reasoning skills

In our dynamic mathematical learning blocks we include the following types of activities in order to develop children’s mathematical abilities, analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and number sense as well as to train their memory, sharpen attention to detail and ability to write numbers:

  • Mathematical Finger Play rhymes and songs (training memory, fine motor skills and coordination)
  • Sensory activities (learning concepts and sharpening analytical abilities through sensory experiences, utilizing a full range of Montessori sensory materials and supplementary tools)
  • Developing ability to analyze and compare objects or groups of objects by one or several qualities (i.e. color, size, shape, quantity, weight, height, texture, etc.)
  • Variety of mathematical games focused on training memory and attention
  • Logical reasoning and problem solving games
  • Variety of games promoting mental math skills
  • Number recognition and counting, mastering number line and number relationships, number bonds, addition/subtraction (through multitude of concrete experiences with groups of objects, bridging from concrete to semi-abstract to abstract number operations)
  • Learning age-appropriate mathematical concepts (e.g. geometric shapes, size, quantity, length, width, patterns, spatial relationships, measurement, etc.)
  • Construction and imagination activities
  • Variety of fine motor skill exercises, developing pre-writing and writing skills; tracing and writing numbers

Please visit our Photo Gallery to view some examples of our mathematical activities in different age groups.

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