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Russian Language and Literature, Social Studies, Nature and Science

This educational block is focused on advancing children’s language development, expanding their vocabulary on a variety of topics, enhancing descriptiveness and flexibility of language, improving articulation, exploring and discussing new concepts and topics, literature.  Special attention is given to learning letters and sounds and learning to read.   We compose our Language lessons of the following elements:

  • Articulation and breathing exercises
  • Rhyme and rhythm activities
  • Linguistic games
  • Games to learn letters of the Alphabet and their sounds
  • Learning to read syllables/words/sentences (based on age and reading level)
  • Phonetic games
  • Reading and discussing fairy-tales or short stories; memorizing poems and rhymes
    • Answering questions, describing characters, re-telling the story
    • Dramatic play (dramatization of the story)
    • Developing alternative endings
    • Art projects based on the story and its characters
  • Theme-based learning
    • Learning about the world around us (basic concepts from various areas of geography, science, social studies)
      • Nature, Weather, Earth, Water, Temperature, Plants, Animals, Continents, Oceans, Space, Human Body, and more
      • Friendship, Love, Respect, Etiquette, and other aspects of social interactions
      • Family, Professions, Sports, Food, Holidays, School, and more
    • Visual and practical learning
    • Experiments
    • Dramatic play, role-play
    • Theme-based art projects
  • Pre-writing and writing skill exercises; tracing and writing letters/words

Please visit our Photo Gallery to view some examples of our Language activities in different age groups.

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